Availability of TymSys for attendance monitoring

  • Customizable interface with client’s time recorders
  •  Accessibility thru the web
  •  Tracking and monitoring of leaves
  •  Entry of approved overtime for payroll
  •  Built-in upload function of time and attendance analysis to Payroll Express



Extra payroll features

  •  Multiple earnings and deductions
  •  Hourly-paid, Daily-paid and Monthly-paid employees
  •  Multiple pay groups – multiple payrolls
  •  Scheduling of Loan Deductions
  •  Special payroll processing (bonuses etc.)
  •  SSS/HDMF Contributions Certification
  •  Final Pay Processing
  •  Interface with Accounting thru GL Distribution Summary
  •  Customer-specific reports


Special payslip features

  •  Customizable according to client’s format
  •  May be sent to employees thru email

Compliance with government regulations and reporting requirements

  •  Generation of BIR/SSS/PHIC/HDMF month-end reporting requirements
  •   Annualization of taxes during the year
  •  Generation of 2316 year-end forms
  •  Processing and Generation of Alpha Listings
  •  Up-to-date on changes in government regulations

Interface with Banking Institutions

  •  Generation of Debit Advice in formats provided by known banks (report and diskette)
  • Customization for other banks’ formats
  •  Up-to-date on changes in bank format

Linkage with other applications

  •  Reports may also be in e-file or excel allowing other applications to extract needed information
  •  Built-in upload functions to retrieve references from other HR applications